I collect WWII US, British, German and Japanese Navy and aircraft radios - receivers, transmitters, plug-in coils, tubes, and pieces and parts.  I also collect post-WWII communication receivers made by Siemens, Telefunken, Rohde and Schwarz, and Zellweger (Swiss).

I’m currently researching:

Radios of the U-505 and the other U-boats that ended up in U.S. and Canadian hands in WWII.

Radio and The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan

I’m ESPECIALLY looking for ANY information on Fred Noonan..!

RCA radios used by Pan Am:


RS-1 (made by GE)


Pan Am Radios designed by Leuteritz and built by Pamsco - Pan Am Manufacturing and Supply Company

H.C. Hugo Leuteritz (RCA ---> Pan AM)

Grand Island Nebraska FCC Monitoring Station

Current Projects:

Rohde & Schwarz SK010/3203 HF transmitter


and my other interests here

Spy and suitcase radios.

Any radio with a Pan Am Airways data tag on it.

Western Electric 13-C

(or 13-CB) aircraft transmitter

Pre-WWII civilian aircraft receivers or transmitters, or ground radios with an airline data tag.

Black National radios such as RHM, AGS, HRO, HRO Jr,  RAS, and any National in a factory two-post rack (open sides).  Any HRO clone.

WWII German, Japanese, Italian and British military radios. U.S. Navy or Coast Guard radios.

TB SIG manuals E1 - E28