I collect WWII US, British, German and Japanese Navy and aircraft radios - receivers, transmitters, plug-in coils, tubes, and pieces and parts.  I also collect post-WWII communication receivers made by Siemens, Telefunken, Rohde and Schwarz, and Zellweger (Swiss).

I’m currently researching:

Radios of the U-505 and the other U-boats that ended up in U.S. and Canadian hands in WWII.

Radio and The Disappearance of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan

RCA radios used by Pan Am:


RS-1 (made by GE)


Pan Am Radios designed by Leuteritz and built by Pamsco - Pan Am Manufacturing and Supply Company

H.C. Hugo Leuteritz (RCA ---> Pan AM)

Grand Island Nebraska FCC Monitoring Station

Current Projects:

Rohde & Schwarz SK010/3203 HF transmitter


and my other interests here

Spy and suitcase radios.

Any radio with a Pan Am Airways data tag on it.

Western Electric 13-C

(or 13-CB) aircraft transmitter

Pre-WWII civilian aircraft receivers or transmitters, or ground radios with an airline data tag.

Black National radios such as RHM, AGS, HRO, HRO Jr,  RAS, and any National in a factory two-post rack (open sides).  Any HRO clone.

WWII German, Japanese, Italian and British military radios. U.S. Navy or Coast Guard radios.

TB SIG manuals E1 - E28