Wanted - TB SIG Manuals


I’m looking for the following manuals, to scan in.

Click on underlined manuals below to download a .pdf:

TB SIG E1 German Radio Sets, Torn. Fu. bl. and Torn. Fu. f.

TB SIG E2 German Radio Set, Torn. Fu. d2

TB SIG E3 German Radio Set, Torn. E. b.

TB SIG E4 German Radio Set Receiver, Spez. 445 b Be.
TB SIG E5 German Radio Transmitter, 10 W.S.c and 10 W.S.h

TB SIG E6 German Radio Transmitter, 5 W.S./24b-104

TB SIG E7 German Radio Set, Fusprech. a.
TB SIG E8 German Radio Transmitters, 20 W.S.c and 20 W.S.d

TB SIG E9 German Radio Transmitter, 100 W.S.a.
TB SIG E10 German Radio Transmitter, 80 W.S.a.
TB SIG E11 German Radio Transmitter, 30 W.S.a.
TB SIG E12 German Radio Sets, Feldfu. b. and Feldfu. c.
TB SIG E13 German Radio Set, SE469 A.

TB SIG E14 German Radio Receiver, Kw.E.a
TB SIG E16 German Radio Set, Torn Fu. g.

TB SIG E17 Japanese Radio Set, Model 94 Mark 6 Wireless Set
TB SIG E18 Japanese Radio Set, Model 97 Light Wireless Set
TB SIG E19 Japanese Radio Set, Model 94 Mark 5 Wireless Set

TB SIG E20 Power Supplies for German Radio Sets
TB SIG E21 Japanese Radio Set, Mobile Wireless Set C Mark 1 M

TB SIG E22 Japanese Radio Set, Model 95, Mark 4 Short Wave Tr

TB SIG E23 Japanese Radio Set, Model 94 Mark 2B Wireless Set
TB SIG E25 German Radio Transmitter, 30 W.S./24b-120
TB SIG E26 Japanese Radio Set, Model 94 Ground-Air Mark 2

TB SIG E28 Japanese Radio Set, Mobile Wireless Set B

Please email me if you have a TB SIG to share..

Thank you!